How long do lash extensions last?

Lash extensions typically last between 2-4 weeks before needing an infill depending on how well you look after them. For better lasting results please follow our aftercare and use our recommended Lashes by Leanna cleanser. Keeping lashes clean and oil free helps retention.

Can I get lash extensions wet?

For the first 24 hours you should not get your lashes wet after the initial treatment. This includes avoiding getting them wet from a shower and steam I.e if cooking. After 24 hours you may get them wet. If you are in water for a long period of time they may not last as long. However, it is advised to wash your lashes.

How many times should I wash my lashes?

Do not for the first 24 hours. If you are wearing make up around your eyes everyday you should wash your lashes daily to remove the make up. You should wash your lashes like you do your hair as you may have a build up of natural oils which will loosen the retention.

How do I know when to come back for an infill?

You should have at least 40% of lash extensions still on for an infill. After 4 weeks it will be classed as a full set as you may have outgrown lashes which will most probably need to come off and be replaced.

How long do lashes take?

This depends on how many natural lashes you have. Usually the treatment takes no longer than 1.5 - 2 hours.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?

No you should not wear mascara at any time while having lash extensions. This is because it will ruin the lash extension and become extremely hard to remove without pulling your extensions. You will most probably need lashes removed and book in for a full set.